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Hello I'm Selassie Amana and my two greatest loves are theatre and teaching children. So what better way to get the best of both worlds than children's theatre.


As an actor in  NYC, I worked with an amazing children's director who found the secret to teaching kids how to perform musicals and I'm using that to bring out the best in your kids. My wife and I, both Guilford County elementary school teachers, started A+ in 2012 with a wonderful, enthusiastic group of kids. We provide a safe and comfortable environment for your kids to build confidence, be creative and thrive.



​Our Staff

We have some outstanding young individuals working with your children. These former campers are full of energy and all have experience mentoring, supervising and teaching kids.


Throughout the day, they participate in teamwork games, help with art projects, lead small group and soloist rehearsals, supervise recess and much more.


As either former campers or members of performance show choirs, our counselors have the skills and understanding to help bring out the best in your kids and make it a fun-filled summer!


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Raving Reviews!

"...thank you for spending your summer helping local kids appreciate theatre, in a way that's affordable for families and fun for the kids. It's so obvious that you're having as much fun as they are. And the shows are really good. I'm amazed at how much they pick up in 4 days!"



"I wanted to thank you for being so great with the kids. My daughter is notoriously uncomfortable in the spotlight, but even though she's still shy, she's really come out of her shell for theater camp this summer. Thanks for giving her a chance to come out of her comfort zone!"


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