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After School Drama Days

What a great way to bring the arts back into the schools!!

These camps are scheduled throughout the year based on the convenience of your school.


Like summer camp, students will rehearse and perform a musical on the last day for family, friends and classmates. Rehearsals take place at your school, everyday for 2-3 hours in the afternoon. Drama Days is a 1-2 week program and open to all ages or specific grade levels depending on what works best for your school.


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Summer Theatre Camp

Our one week camps are a great way to develop an appreciation for all aspects of the theatre and have a great camp experience. For ages 5 to rising 8th graders, campers will engage in a variety of activities such as character building, improvisation, teamwork games, singing, dancing and much more.


Each session will also focus on one show, usually a musical, that we rehearse throughout the week and perform for family and friends on the last day. All campers receive a role in each show and participate in the creative process which includes auditioning, creating characters, learning stage directions and in some cases, helping with set and prop designs.


Our camp counselors are on site the entire day guiding kids through their activites. Whether hanging out at recess, judging lip syncing contests or using their show choir experience to relay singing techniques, they do a wonderful job of mentoring campers of all ages.


Sign up today for a drama-filled summer!!

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